Which Type Of Application Tape Is Right For You?

Choosing the right application tape for all your print projects is essential for their success. The type of tape you use can impact the project process, the methods used, the final outcome and the overall durability. But how do you know which application tape is best for your needs, and what factors should you be looking out for?

Key Factors When Choosing Application Tape

These are some of the areas you should look at when choosing the right type and size of tape for your needs:

  • Consider adhesive strengthApplication tapes have different levels of adhesion and tackiness that make different types more suitable for certain projects than others. Your usage requirements will dictate which one is best.
  • Transferability and ease of application – Some are designed for quick release, while others might be stickier and more suitable for intricate work.
  • Type of application - Different applications will require different tapes. For example, printed self-adhesive vinyl would require a transparent application tape, whereas heat transfer vinyl (HTV) would require heat-resistant application tape.
  • Tape width – Tapes come in different widths to accommodate to the size of your graphics.
  • Cost - High-quality tape will cost more, but there are budget-friendly options available too. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the tape options against your requirements.

Types Of Tape

  • Low tack tape – This type of tape is suitable for a range of uses, particularly for lifting printed graphics without lifting the print. It also allows for the easier release of large graphics and those with high gloss levels.
  • Medium tack tape - Medium tape is the standard for sign printing and is suitable for most applications. It’s designed specifically for transfer applications. The natural adhesive rubber has high tack levels and is ideal for performing a clean pick-up and transfer of vinyl graphics regardless of the type of vinyl used.
  • High tack tape – This type of tape is best for working on small, intricate projects. It is suitable for graphics in most standard and hard-to-lift
  • Garment application tape – This tape is used mainly with heat transfer vinyl under high temperatures for heat application.
  • Transparent tape - This is used when applying colourful graphics so the installer can see under the tape.

Tape application is based on several factors; it’s important to assess each option so you choose a tape that fits your specific requirements. If you’re still unsure which one is best for your print media applications, be sure to get in touch, and one of our experts will be happy to advise you.

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