What Should You Look for in a Printing Equipment Supplier?

When it comes to sourcing equipment for your printing business, you need a company which is reliable, trustworthy and easy to reach on the end of a phone.

Having a trusted supplier of hardware and supplies solutions can help you cut down on staffing needs and streamline your workflow, as well as improve output and customer experience.

But equipment is a big capital investment, and while cheaper options might seem attractive at first, you can end up spending more in the long run when things break, spare parts are hard to come by and customer service is non-existent.

It’s why if you’re planning to upgrade your equipment, you need a reliable supplier of hardware and supplies solutions you can trust. These pointers will help you engage a supplier who meets your needs:

1. A Multi-brand And Solutions Supplier 

Your business may need varying solutions to overcome different demands and challenges, so a supplier with a wide portfolio of solutions can be well-positioned to help you find the best solution for your needs.

2. Customer Support 

When it comes to buying equipment you need a reliable supplier of hardware and supplies solutions you can call upon for help after you’ve made your purchase. If you have an issue or a breakdown, being able to speak to knowledgeable customer service staff is invaluable.

3. Flexible 

You need a hardware and supplies solutions supplier, who keeps their product portfolio current to help you react to changing demands from your customers and market. Some suppliers may not adapt as easily, but a flexible supplier of hardware and supplies solutions is important. You may expand and need larger-scale solutions, and you might diversify and require a new type of equipment. You might also have a mix of systems, such as old legacy software combined with new digital set ups, for example. A decent solutions supplier will be able to offer you flexible solutions which ensure the two work together.

4. Reputation

The importance of word-of-mouth recommendations cannot be underestimated. Online reviews can also give you a good indication about a potential print supplier’s level of service and quality. Check out specific review platforms such as Feefo, where customer feedback is organic and independent, and not influenced by the supplier. You can then seek an honest and true understanding of a supplier's reputation and how they look after their customers.

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