Why The Roland VG3 Series Is A Must Have For Your Printing Business

The Roland VG3 series is like the superhero of your print business. These next-level printers can turbocharge your production processes with precision printing, stunning colours and the ability to print onto many different materials.

If you’re looking at adding real value to your business and building first-class customer service, then Roland’s printer cutters - the VG3-540 and VG3-640 - are in a league of their own, and here’s why.

Colour Clarity

Firstly, let’s talk colour – the Roland VG3 printers have a vibrant colour palette that creates prints that practically jump off the page. True Rich Colour, developed by Roland DG, is a colour management pre-set that can combine vibrant colours with neutral greys and much more to create stunning graphics on the VG3 series products. This colour versatility makes Roland printers a valuable addition to any print business looking to grow.

Incredible Accuracy

The VG3 machines are the surgeons of print and cut, offering unparalleled accuracy for true unattended production. The latest models offer new crop mark options for cutting laminated prints, which provide perfect cutting when combined with the optimised side pinch roller functionality. They also have a function which enables you to cut detailed or intricate designs before the ink is applied.

Print Media Versatility

The Roland VG3 series printers can handle a wide range of materials and are suitable for producing everything from window graphics, signage and exhibition graphics to safety signs and promotional materials. The Roland EU-1000 flatbed UV printer takes this versatility even further, enabling you to print on various surfaces – including acrylic, glass, wood, foam, ceramics and plastics.


If there’s one area where the VG3 series stands out, it’s in increased productivity. It’s fast, reliable and can easily tackle tight deadlines. A one-touch media clasp makes it easy for a single operator to load rolls, and its superior functionality makes it perfect for unattended or long print runs, freeing up staff to get on with other jobs.

Undoubtedly, a Roland printer will enable you to offer considerably faster and better customer service. The ROI is excellent, while maintenance and upkeep costs are lower than older printer models. The intuitive and user-friendly designs mean you can quickly get up to speed and start printing at a higher level of productivity.

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