How To Save Money As A Print Supplier

With energy prices, inflation and the price of raw materials remain high, print suppliers across the UK are doing what they can to keep costs under control. Saving money on printing is something many are looking at, yet despite the rise of digital marketing traditional print formats remain a powerful and credible part of the marketing mix.

By implementing smart strategies into your workflow, you can reduce your printing costs but still maintain customer quality, avoid unnecessary wastage and increase efficiencies.

Here are five ways print suppliers can reduce printing costs and maintain service:

1. Source Materials In Bulk

There are economies of scale to be made if you’re buying vinyl, inks and other media in bulk. Print suppliers will often offer a discount on larger orders and are able to make savings because there is less waste, less packaging and fewer shipping costs.

 2. Optimise Your Printing Processes

Look at your workflows and assess if there are areas where you could make efficiencies. For example, automation can reduce staff input time and cut waste, which translates into cost savings. It may involve a conversation with your printer supplier to discuss options which can allow you to increase output and reduce manual input.

3. Invest In High-Quality Equipment

When your machines are down, you aren’t making any money and productivity is affected. Consider investing in equipment that is energy efficient from a known and trusted supplier that has a low cost of ownership and maintenance to avoid any costly breakdowns.

4. Minimise Waste

Wasted resources can quickly add up and leave a lasting impact on your bottom line. Consider implementing best practices for waste reduction, such as batching or nesting jobs together to utilise the media. This helps save time and power consumption by consolidating jobs together as well as dramatically reducing waste by having the right finishing equipment.

5. Choose Digital Print Media

While there are cheaper materials in the market, this can often compromise quality, and increase the chances of regular issues that can often lead to job failures, resulting in further costs through re-doing/printing in the long run

Want to know how our printers and digital print media solutions could save on the cost of printing? Get in touch to find out about our cost-effective print solutions.

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