Why Your Print Business Should Offer Window Frosting Film Graphics

Finding new and lucrative revenue streams is part and parcel of any business, and in the print industry, embracing the latest trends is key to remaining competitive. Adding window graphics to your repertoire is a savvy way to increase customer spending while at the same time offering a service which confers real benefits and cost savings. 

Attracts More Customers

Adding etched window film to your services is a strategic move which will appeal to a new market as well as offer something different to your existing customers. It will also integrate easily with your existing services because the skills and technology used in traditional printing easily translate to high-quality window graphics. By becoming a one-stop shop for various print services, you position your business as an industry leader who embraces innovation and keeps up to date with the latest developments.

Increases Customer Engagement

Just like walls, windows are an untapped canvas and window frosting film provides a myriad of possibilities. From seasonal promotions to additional promotional banners for product launches, you can help clients optimise the space they have available and reinforce their brand identity with a visual impact that extends beyond traditional print media options. 

Window graphics are also a cost-effective marketing strategy for your customers because they act as a constant advert for their brand or message. The combined visibility and longevity of window frosting film make it a powerful and budget-friendly marketing tool.

Environmentally Friendly And Energy-Saving Benefits

With the world lurching from one energy crisis to the next, being able to cut electricity bills is especially important. Customers who opt for window graphics prevent the sunshine from entering during the summer, meaning they don’t need to up the air conditioning. Window frosting film is more effective than blinds or curtains, can be cut to fit any shape or size of the window and has the added bonus of being customisable with its branding and logo.

Creates Recurring Revenue Streams And Boosts Profits

When you buy window frosted film and keep it on hand for your customers, you’re introducing a new revenue stream to your business. It’s an attractive marketing tool you can offer them, but they may also need maintenance, replacements or additional installations in the future. 

Adding window graphics is a strategic move to provide visually impactful solutions for your customers beyond the printed page. By recognising the potential of window print media, you can become an essential visual communication partner with your businesses of all sizes, giving them the versatility and flexibility they need.

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