How Can Flatbed Applicators Simplify Installations For Your Projects?

There are certain bits of kit essential to any print company and then there are machines, that while not essential, can certainly make life an awful lot easier.

Flatbed applicators are exceptionally high-quality pieces of machinery, built for ease of use and they play an important role in cutting production times. By adding it to your print machine repertoire you can level up your business efficiency and optimise the workflow.

Here’s why:

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Streamlines Production And Acts As An Extra Worker On Your Shop Floor

One of the key advantages of a flatbed applicator is its ability to turn a two-person job into a one-person job, making it doubly efficient. Rather than requiring two people to feed a print through an upright laminator or to hold down and remove backing sheets, the flatbed will do those things for you. 

A flatbed applicator is ergonomically designed to make it easy to use, enabling a worker to use it with one hand while leaving them free to access the roller, tabletop and media.

It’s also quick for workers to be trained on. Thanks to detailed set up guides and manuals, operators can be up and running in little more than an hour following installation. 

Reduces Waste and Improves Accuracy

Given that the application table is flat it enables fast application without bubbles or creases which would otherwise hold up print production. The illuminated glass tabletop also provides a better, more accurate cutting experience and avoids the misalignment which can occur when feeding media into a traditional standard laminator, for example.

Versatile And Suitable For A Wide Range Of Uses

Rollover flatbeds are great for working with all kinds of materials and can be used to mount flat or rigid substrates such as boards, banners and glass. It’s also ideal for applying laminates, graphics and being used as a workstation.

In addition, using our flatbed applicators you can mount onto substrates up to 90mm thick.

Our flatbed applicators are the best on the market and built to last a lifetime. They come with a five-year warranty just in case but generally, we don’t expect to see any problems with them once installed. 

The Rollover is available in 6 size options across 2 types or models – 4-bed or 2-bed – meaning they’re suitable for a huge range of uses.

Check Out Our  Flatbed Applicator Range 

While a flatbed applicator is a significant investment, the amount of time it will save you in daily production is enormous, enabling you to increase your output and cater to a more diverse range of customers. Once you’ve used one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before without it. Take a look at our range and discover how it can add real value to your business. 

We have flatbed application tables ready for you to enhance your projects. Take a look at our range here.

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