Five Reasons You Need A Flatbed Cutter For Your Business

If you’re manufacturing signage or printing packaging, a flatbed cutter is one bit of kit that can give you the edge. Not only can it produce high-quality finishes, but it can also streamline processes and drive efficiency. In this article, we’ll examine five reasons why a flatbed cutter will enhance your business and increase sales.

How Flatbed Cutters Work

Flatbed cutters are suitable for a wide variety of materials, including those which can’t be easily loaded onto or cut efficiently on a roll, such as thick reflective vinyl. Instead, the material is laid flat on a table or bed, and the cutter, guided by computer programming, moves across the material, making the necessary cuts. Using computer design, users can accurately replicate the same design repeatedly. Flatbed cutters also come in various sizes (up to 1.6m x 3m) and are suitable for larger-scale projects.

Five Ways a Flatbed Cutter Will Enhance Your Business

Flatbed cutters offer next-level finishing and enable users to handle larger projects with ease. Still, they also provide a host of other benefits which can help streamline workflows and improve efficiency.

1. Precision Cutting

One of the primary advantages of flatbed cutters is their ability to deliver precision cuts to various materials that are traditionally harder to handle. They can seamlessly cut materials such as vinyl, Foamax, Correx and thin metals without stopping. They ensure each cut is precise and exact when an intricate design is required. Some cutters also have a CCD camera installed, which supports printing and cutting by detecting and reading registration marks.

2. Versatility of Materials

Flatbed cutters are suitable for handling various materials, from woods, self-adhesive vinyl, card stock, PVC, fomaex, correx, acrylic, aluminium composite and many more. They are adaptable to whatever materials your business specialises in and suitable for multi-material projects or when you require flexibility around material choices.


3. Efficient Prototyping and Short Runs

The ability to prototype and produce quickly is a distinct competitive advantage. Flatbed cutters aid this process by rapidly allowing you to transform digital designs into physical sample products with ease.


4. Customisation and Personalisation

A flatbed cutter enables you to meet customer personalisation demands with its computer programming. With its ability to make rapid cuts and exactly match customer requirements, it can give you a competitive edge.


5. Saves Money

Flatbed cutters improve efficiency at the end of the printing process. They’re frequently used to streamline the entire process and increase capacity, particularly in the final stages after printing. They eliminate any hurdles by rapidly speeding up the finishing steps. In addition, some cutters automatically determine the depth when cutting, which makes set-up easier and faster.


Is A Flatbed Cutter The Right Tool For You?

Whether you need a flatbed cutter for your business will ultimately depend on what you want to use it for. They’re more suited to thicker, stiffer materials or for larger products. However, they’re also great for short print runs and don’t limit creativity. Ultimately, embracing the power of a flatbed cutter could be exactly what you need to unlock new productivity levels. To find out more, please contact us today.

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