Embrace The Potential Of Lamination In Your Printing Business

For any printing business looking to make their designs pop and leave a lasting impression, lamination is a game-changer. It adds a touch of brilliance to any printing materials and increases durability, taking the finished products to a whole new level.

There is no one-size-fits-all laminator but rather a wide range of high-quality machines to suit all sizes of print businesses and budgets. They’re also designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, making them a valuable addition to your print operations.

What Laminator Should I Choose?

The right laminator for your business ultimately depends on the type of printed products you produce, where the prints will go, and what you do with the laminator. For example, you would need a heated laminator to produce Moto X graphics. Also, if you are laminating cast vinyl, it’s cold, and if you are applying to a board, you will benefit from a pneumatic top roller.

How A Laminator Can Enhance Your Print Business

There are several ways a laminator can add value to your business, taking your products to the next level:

  • Durability And Protection

Lamination creates a high-quality finish through pressure control. This enhances the visual appeal of your products and increases their longevity. The lamination layer acts as a barrier, protecting against scratches, stains, and wear and tear. For items handled frequently, this is particularly advantageous – think graphics in high contact areas, those that are handled, vehicle graphics exposed to branches, stone chips, jet washing or floor graphics being walked on, all of which endure heavy usage.

  • Product Visual Appeal

Laminated products simply look better. That’s not to say unlaminated ones don’t, but adding a layer of lamination elevates it to a more luxurious level. It makes printed materials glossy or matte, enhancing the colours' vibrancy and sharpening the text. Whether a promotional poster or a business card, lamination gives it a professional finish.

  • Lasting Impressions

With the increased quality that laminating produces comes a better first impression. Laminated products convey a sense of quality and detail, which will resonate with your customers and ultimately encourage them to place repeat orders. Laminated products that provide high-quality finishes enable you to charge more for the finished prints.

  • Print Media Versatility

A great asset of laminators is that they aren’t limited to just one type of laminate film. You can use different finishes and thicknesses, and changing materials is relatively easy. You can use them to apply laminate films, apply tape, and even apply prints onto boards.

A laminator is a worthwhile investment for any print business. If you want to learn which is best for you, get in touch.

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