Minimising Downtime: The Importance Of Warranties In Printer Maintenance

As a print business owner, maintaining equipment to ensure optimal performance and longevity is essential for business continuity. But even with the best maintenance programme in the world breakdowns can and do occur.

When that happens, getting your printers back up and running as quickly as possible is the priority, and a comprehensive warranty plays a big part. Warranties are more than just legal documents, they’re indispensable tools that safeguard your investment, ensure quality service and offer you peace of mind.

They play a fundamental role in print maintenance, mitigating repair costs, optimising performance and providing support throughout the lifespan of your printing equipment.


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What Is A Printer Warranty?

There are different kinds of printer warranties which cover the breakdown, repair and servicing of your equipment. A basic warranty is provided by the manufacturer of your equipment which typically covers the repair and parts if a product malfunctions. It may vary by model and be time-limited. It also doesn’t cover the cost of software or replacing consumables such as ink.

An extended warranty is extra coverage you choose to purchase with your printer such as a Roland Warranty. This type of warranty will offer you comprehensive support, depending on which package you choose, such as on-site service and a regular maintenance contract. It may also allow you to extend the original manufacturer's warranty beyond its standard terms.

Three Reasons Why Printer Warranties Are Important

1. A Printer Warranty Saves You Time and Money

Professional printing equipment requires a significant financial investment whether it’s a Roland Desktop UV printer or a Mimaki print and cut inkjet. Warranties help protect any investment by covering the costs of maintenance and repairs within the warranty period. Without a warranty, you might have to bear the full cost of any repairs which can not only be expensive but disruptive too.

Additionally, with a Roland warranty, for example, a certified technician will carry out repairs using 100% genuine Roland parts and they’ll be with you in a matter of hours. There’s no need to waste precious time searching for a technician yourself. You also receive annual service visits to keep your printers in tip-top condition.

2. Your Printer Will Have A Longer Print Life

A warranty may cover regular maintenance care which will keep your printers running smoothly and avoid costly breakdowns. A technician will be able to spot problems before they impact your production and deal with them quickly.

A warranty in effect gives you a direct line to the manufacturer and customer support services so you can receive prompt and effective support when you need it. This also minimises downtime because you get a quicker response.

3. A Warranty Will Limit Downtime And Minimise Impact On Customers

Equipment breakdown can be a nightmare for a small printing business, stopping print runs in their tracks and having an adverse impact on customer delivery times. Getting back up and running quickly is paramount. With a warranty in place, you know an expert will be with you quickly to solve the problem.

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