How To Maintain Your Laser Cutter Machine

A laser cutter machine is a serious and versatile bit of kit - looking after it will not
only keep it in good order but will prolong its working life.

Benefits Of Maintaining Your Laser Cutter

Proper maintenance has many benefits not least, keeping your laser cutters running
so they keep making you money. Poor maintenance will not only result in expensive bills for parts and repair but will impact business and reduce production.

The laser cutting process can be a dirty one generating heat, smoke and debris, all of which can have an adverse impact on your machine if not dealt with regularly.

Allowing debris to accumulate can lead to overheating and breakdown or worse still,
premises fires which can seriously impact your business.

Although wear and tear on a UK laser cutter is far less than a traditional cutter
because it doesn’t actually come into contact with the materials being cut, it’s still essential you keep it in great condition.

How To Maintain Your Laser Cutter

Follow these common cleaning tips to keep your laser cutter machine in good
working order:

  • Regular cleaning – Make removing dust and debris part of your weekly cleaning schedule and be sure to use the correct cloths and solutions for the components. A laser cutter cleaning kit can help.

  • Exhaust system and filters – It’s important to maintain efficient airflow so ensure filters are cleaned/changed regularly as well as fans and exhaust ducting.

  •  Laser tube – This is the heart of your laser, and because of its nature, will deteriorate with use. This affects the amount of power that it can produce. Keep it clean and regularly check to make sure that it isn’t cracked or damaged and replace it as often as you can.

  • Laser optics – Mirrors can drop out of alignment so calibrate them regularly. This helps to maintain laser beam consistency.

  • Laser lenses – Lenses concentrate the laser beam into a focal point but if they become dirty, they can diffract the beam, leading to blurry lines or the laser not cutting as deep. Try to clean them at most every 40 hours of work.

  • Honeycomb bed – This area collects dirt and debris because it bears the brunt of the laser as it cuts through materials. Keep an eye on it and replace as soon as it becomes damaged.

Looking for UK laser cutter advice? Talk to our dedicated advisers who can give you the information you need.


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