Understanding The Various Types Of UV Printers For Your Needs

UV printers have gained significant popularity for their ability to print on virtually any surface you can name. From Perspex and plastics to wood, glass and paper, there are a huge number of substrates they will work on, making them a versatile investment for any printing company. They’ll also work on curved surfaces like pens, bottles, mobile phone cases, plastic cards and key rings. 

UV printers come with a range of other benefits, which put them ahead of the game in terms of print quality, speed and finish:

  • UV light means the ink cures instantly
  • Low curing temperatures mean you can print onto heat-sensitive materials
  • Scratch resistant prints
  • Weather and fade-resistant
  • High photographic detail - the ink dries instantly, so the images are sharper with no spread or bleed
  • Can print on flatbed or roll-to-roll 
  • No need to laminate, and finished print is more durable
  • Better for the environment compared to traditional printers
  • Low odour

Which type of UV printer you need will depend on your requirements, what type of surfaces you intend to print on and your print volume.

Desktop UV Printers

A desktop UV printer is a smaller, compact UV printer designed to be used with a desktop computer, such as a Roland LEF2-300. It’s a compact printing solution which meets the demands of personalisation and customisation. It allows you to print onto a wide variety of surfaces on smaller objects such as golf balls, acrylic photo frames and mobile phone cases. 

Desktop UV printers are more suitable for businesses with limited space or those focussing on smaller items.

Large UV Printers

Large UV Printers can print bigger designs and are more suitable for commercial use, like the CO series and the EU-1000MF. They are used for high-production UV printing and are ideal for printing wall signs, banners and wall graphics. 

Industrial UV Printers

An industrial-sized roll-to-roll UV printer offers all the benefits of UV printing using flexible or roll-fed media. It has many benefits, such as instant curing and drying, low-cost prints, high-opacity white ink and spot gloss. Roll-to-roll also offers the option to print and cut in on one machine. An example is the Mimaki UCJV300-160.

How To Choose The Right UV Printer For Your Business

Ultimately, the printer you choose will depend on the space you have available, your budget and what you intend to print most frequently. In addition, it’s important to consider the maximum parameters of any UV printer as well as the print consumables you will need. 

Print quality and output speed should also be factors in your decision. Understanding the different types of printers and which will benefit your business will help you make an informed decision.

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