How Does UV Printing Accelerate Production Times For Printers?

In any print business the drive to cut production times and boost productivity while maintaining top quality is a key goal. After all, if you can speed up the time it takes to print and cure products you can take on more jobs, become more efficient and ultimately boost revenue.

Traditional printing processes can take hours or even days to dry depending on the inks used, process and the climate. Not only does it limit the amount of work any business can handle, it can also impact customers who are left waiting longer than is ideal for their artwork.

UV LED printers, however, are transforming the print landscape, enabling printers to cure products almost instantly.

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How Does A UV Printer Work?

UV printers are continuing to grow in popularity because of their incredible versatility. Not only do they offer unparalleled drying times, they allow printers to print onto a huge range of products as well.

Unlike traditional printers a UV LED printer lays ink on the surface of the material rather than being absorbed into the substrate. It is then exposed to either UV LED lights or Mercury Arc lamps which instantly cures / hardens it.

This near instantaneous process avoids ink bleed and there is no carrier to evaporate like solvent or latex. Because it locks the ink down instantly it is also possible to achieve 3D finishes and textures. 

The Benefits Of UV Printers

Accelerated Production times

UV printers massively speed up the time it takes to dry print products which enables businesses to increase production. Optimised production offers the ability to include more/faster services which leads to greater client satisfaction and the opportunity to enter new markets.

Wide Range Of Uses 

UV printers can print onto a huge range of materials which allows businesses to increase the range of printing products they offer. For example, a UV printer can print onto signage, labels, ceramics, giftware, promotional products, exhibition stands, wood, paper, plastic and everything else in between.

Helps Meet Customer Demand 

Being able to dry products quicker makes it easier for businesses to react to, and take on, those last-minute orders. Customers are also happy because they know they’re receiving a rapid and high-quality service.

Better Quality 

Older printing methods can result in substantially shrinked prints. The drying process of a UV printer is 40% more efficient without shrinkage, warping or sacrificing quality. UV printed products are also much more durable, scratch-resistant and long-lasting. 


UV printers are better for the environment because they use UV light rather than heat or chemicals to cure products. They use 20% less ink than traditional methods and require less energy than older printers. Additional protective materials like vinyl and laminate aren’t necessary due to the inherent durability of UV-cured inks and their energy-efficient cold LED lamps consume less power than traditional heating methods, resulting in lower operational energy requirements. 

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The positive impact on production times is noticeable and can help any print business level up its services. Printing can be a competitive industry, but UV printers are helping the most successful businesses stand out from the crowd and offer more variety to their customers than ever.

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