Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl: A Must-Have For Printers

Printable heat transfer vinyl (HTV) has become a go-to product for printers seeking versatility, ease-of-use and quality in garment printing. For print firms of any size looking for the right vinyl, HTV is an indispensable part of your print repertoire.

Customisation Without Limits

Printable heat transfer vinyl is ideal for intricate and detailed work that might be more challenging with traditional vinyl. From designs for logos to leisurewear, fashion items and sportswear, HTV is suitable for solvent and eco-solvent as well as both light and dark garments. The sheer breadth of choice of what you can do with it makes it an attractive service for clients who want something high quality but a little bit different.

Fast Turnaround Times

HTV has faster project completion times than traditional screen printing, which is particularly important for customers who need last-minute promotional items or small batch orders. Some HTVs can print within seconds or minutes once it’s reached its desired temperature so production can proceed at pace. This enables you to up your order intake and operate a more efficient printing business.

Durable And Long-Lasting Prints

The durability of printable HTV ensures prints withstand the test of time. The heat transfer process creates a bond between the fabric and the vinyl, which ensures the prints resist fading and cracking even after multiple washes.

Easy Application Process And Strong Fabric Versatility

Printable vinyl for heat transfer is easy to use, and with a standard heat press, you can transfer designs onto fabrics seamlessly. It is an ideal choice for both beginner and more experienced printers. In addition, HTV is suitable for a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester and blends, making it usable across a myriad of applications.

Improved Competitiveness And Profits

By offering customised and personalised HTV options, you make yourself more competitive and can achieve better profit margins. It also opens your business to new markets, catering to customers who demand full-colour or highly detailed designs.

HTV can also complement your other promotional offerings, as well as being a cost-effective and versatile solution for printers to customise different fabrics. It’s a valuable addition to any printing toolkit which can augment your services and product ranges, making your business more attractive to your customer base.

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