The importance of servicing your printer

This month Sam our Operations Manager explores the importance of regular maintenance and servicing to keep your wide format equipment working at it's best.

What does my machine need?

Wide format and UV printers are fantastically versatile pieces of equipment and can represent both a significant investment and return for your business. Providing they are well looked after to ensure they operate at their best they can provide a reliable service for your business.
In addition to daily and weekly maintenance, your printer needs to receive at least one service per year by a qualified technician to change some of the key components such as caps and to give it an overall health check. This is a vital part of ensuring your printer continues to deliver the sharpest and richest colours possible and can not only add years to the life of the printer, but it can save you money and costly downtime in the long run.
Checkout out our swabs and cleaning solution on our website for your weekly and monthly maintenance.

Prevention is cheaper than the cure

Many printers overlook the value of machine servicing and often take the view that it’s working fine so why bother.
Approximately 80% of people in the UK own cars and don’t question the need for an annual or 10k mileage service. However, many printers often overlook the need for the same for their printer, even though it can cost an organisation a significant amount of money through lost orders during periods of forced downtime.
The adage of prevention is better than the cure is very apt here! During a service, a technician may spot a bigger problem that is building, often through poor maintenance, that may put the life of a print head for example at jeopardy which can be very expensive to replace. So having a regular service not only can prevent bigger issues, but it can also give you an insight into the overall condition of your machine, allowing you to forecast potential issues, and prepare for them financially and plan within your production schedules.

What are my options?

Here at Signmaster we offer a range of service options for both Roland & Mimaki equipment, and you can request a quote via our website. Our experienced engineers will come back to you with a quote and the best options for your equipment and business. In addition to printer servicing, we offer refresher training (both onsite an offsite), repair and machine relocations too. Visit the technical section of our website for more information.

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