Signmaster Customer Loyalty Program

The Signmaster Customer Loyalty Program has been developed to reward customers for their continued custom and loyalty.

The culture at Signmaster is very customer-focused. All of the team consider our customer experience in everything that happens at Signmaster.

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan, but the team reflects, provides feedback, and learns. We will update our processes where we can, to improve the customer experiences for the future.

Without our customers, Signmaster doesn’t exist.

As a management team, we decided that we wanted to offer something extra to show our appreciation and support. To those loyal customers that have stood by Signmaster over the years, and also the new customers who join us going forward.

The management team got together and started brainstorming ideas of what that benefit could be and what it looks like.

We all had different ideas that would appeal to our customers and we went around in circles. Eventually agreeing that it didn’t need to be just one benefit, but a package of benefits.

We agreed that customers don’t only deal with one department at Signmaster, so it was only right that the package included extra benefits that every department could contribute towards. We have considered not only benefits that customers who qualify will see and be able to take advantage of straight away, but also benefits that they will be able to use in the future.

 Some of the benefits

  • Access to extra support
  • Save now for money off later
  • Advanced access to offers and stock
  • Workflow reviews
  • Designated accounts managers
  • Plus some additional perks

As everyone at Signmaster has a part to play in the company and we value everyone’s thoughts, we involved the whole of Signmaster and sought feedback on what we could/should call this package of benefits.

We had a lot of ideas but after an internal vote by the team, we came to call it the Signmaster's 'Customer Loyalty Program’.

We will be soon notifying all the customers who immediately qualify for the ‘Customer Loyalty Program’, we will also be uploading a guide to the website about the program and what it needs for you to be able to qualify so that you too can unlock the extra benefits.

Please click our link to find out more and have a look to see what 'Customer Loyalty Program' has to offer


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