Run By Printers, For Printers Team Training

Run By Printers, For Printers Team Training - How we get back to our roots of previously being printers ourselves. We are immensely proud of these roots and feel that we are unique within the print suppliers’ sector to be able to say that.

However, whilst myself, Lucy, Gary, and Kate can be held to this statement. Not all of our team have had that essential hands-on experience and understanding. So, In November 2022 we enrolled the team on an in-house training schedule which will enable them to gain that essential and vital hands-on understanding of printing and producing. From cleaning machines, design, printing, and finishing. This covers our team from our Finance Manager to our Warehouse Operative.

Staff Training Staff completing Printer Training Run By Printers, For Printers Staff Training


Our Finance Manager Jonathan Humphreys and our Hardware Sales Consultant Damien Martin were the first group to undergo and complete the training, here are their thoughts …

“The most valuable thing I took from the training was being able to actually understand our customers, and what sort of problems they can face. It was interesting to see how much care and attention goes into each stage. Especially the artwork and printing. Another realization was the potential wastage that can occur, I’m a numbers guy so I can see that this could be very costly.

I mostly enjoyed the practical experience. I sit in front of a computer all day so I’m used to that, but I really enjoyed making a PVC Banner and seeing the finished product. My thumbs were hurting by the end of the day”

 ~ Jonathan Humphreys, Finance Manager


“It was great to revisit machines that I have had training on before, this was more in-depth and I got to see the whole process from start to finish. It gave me an insight into the considerations you need to take when producing and the challenges that come with this. I’m confident that this will allow me to better empathise with our customers.

I had confidence that we had the right solutions for our customers but now I have experience in it myself and I am confident that we have the right solution for our customer's needs. I really enjoyed the hands-on experience from start to finish. The picking of a product I wanted to produce, to designing it, to printing it, and then finishing it.”

~ Damien Martin Hardware Sales Consultant

Run By Printers, For Printers Team Training

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Written By Samantha Kehoe - Director 

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