How A Roland EU-1000MF Flatbed Printer Can Boost Your Printing Company

As a printing company, offering your customers a comprehensive range of services is crucial to staying competitive in today’s digital world. The Roland EU-1000 flatbed printer gives you the flexibility to do just that, enabling you to work with almost any surface and vastly increase your print repertoire.

Let’s examine its benefits to your business and why you should consider adding one to your operations.

Why Is A Roland EU-1000MF Flatbed Printer So Versatile?

Unlike traditional printers, where you’re limited to flat print media such as paper, card or vinyl that can be loaded onto a roll, the Roland EU-1000MF flatbed printer will print on everything from acrylic and wood to glass, metal and curved items. It can even print on foam and corrugated cardboard. In practice, it means print businesses can offer an extensive list of services, for example, branching out into promotional products.

The UV-LED lamp eliminates the need for post-print drying by curing the ink instantly, enhancing productivity. In addition, Roland’s own E-US inks are GREENGUARD Gold certified and low VOC, which makes them safe to use in indoor settings.

The speed of a Roland flatbed printer is another great advantage. With a choice between four-colour/four-head and six-colour/six-head models, the production rate is greatly increased, improving overall business productivity.

It also employs variable dot printing technology for precise droplets of different sizes, giving vivid and natural colour for the best possible print quality. And finally, the size of the printer itself is another standout feature, with the capacity to print high-quality graphics media as big as 1,220mm x 2,440mm at a height of 95mm.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Roland EU-1000MF Flatbed Printer

When deciding if a Roland EU-1000MF flatbed printer best suits your business, there are several things you should ask yourself:

Intended Usage: If you want the versatility to print on different media, then the EU-1000MF printer is a solid option. It’s also important to consider the intended print volume – will it be used for short occasional runs, or will it receive heavy usage?
Ease Of Use: Is it easy for your staff to operate? You don’t want a printer that is cumbersome or comes with a complex set of instructions. Roland flatbeds, including the EU-1000MF, are intuitive and easy to operate, minimising changeovers and downtime.
Service And Support: The Roland EU-1000MF flatbed printer is incredibly reliable, but if you need assistance, you’ll want to know that the experts are just a phone call away. Our tech staff are happy to help with everything from hardware and software to training and repairs.

If you want to learn more about the Roland EU1000-MF Flatbed printer, then be sure to get in touch with the team at Signmaster Systems today.

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